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South Indian Jewellery

South Indian Jewellery and Its Significance in Every Indian Women’s Life

Introduction :

South Indian Jewellery is part of Indian culture. It’s hard to separate these two from each other. South Indian Jewellery designs are inspired by the Indian god and goddess. The reason behind it is also famously recognized as temple jewelry. These antique-looking pieces with detailed craftsmanship and a variety of patterns ingrained inside the south Indian jewelry are certainly jaw-dropping and can make any man or woman fall in love with them. Throughout the years south jewelry or you can say, temple jewelry design evolved. Now one can easily find the traditional temple jewelry or a mix of traditional and modern south jewelry designs in India.

South Indian Jewellery

Why Should You Choose Manek Ratna’s South Indian Jewellery?

When it comes down to traditional jewelry.  Everyone wants to be reminded of their history and where exactly they came from to feel that connection with our ancestral roots. Manek Ratna’s goal is to bring you close to your habitual roots. It might be just a jewelry piece in some people’s eyes. However, we strive to please our customers with impeccable services. As artificial south Indian jewellery manufacturers, we love to bring the charm of real gold jewelry. That you will never be able to differentiate between them. Our designers work hard to create these beautiful masterpieces. We not only create south Indian jewelry pieces that are easily wearable in your day-to-day life. But we are also the exporters of bridal south Indian temple jewelry. Helping you to make your day more special.

Reasons Why Manek Ratna Should Be Your First Choice

Extensive Range

The first thing while shopping for any type of jewelry everyone looks at is the wide variety of unique collections of jewels. To suit your everyday mood and occasion we offer from basic regular designs to festivity designer party pieces. No need to burn holes inside your pocket when all designers of basic jewels are pocket-friendly and will fulfill your requirements. We can promise that South Indian imitation jewelry online shopping from Manek Ratna will be a life-changing decision that you won’t regret. Because we only provide top-notch services for a loyal clientele. As for new consumers we like to create a comfortable and safe place to put them at ease and do our best to clear all the doubts they have regarding our services.

Reputation and Trust

Our reputation precedes us being a south Indian jewelry online seller it becomes our priority to not only provide you with quality products. Manek Ratna designers and craftsmen work day and night to create a world-class masterpiece that will grace your body and compliment your attire and overall look. Because we believe handcrafted pieces give the best final look. We make it our job to work on every piece of jewelry with our hands. The last polishing look and feel of our south Indian jewelry will fascinate you with it.

Cost-Effective Collection

When one wants to invest their money in jewelry be it gold or artificial budget is always one of their main concerns. Well, you can leave your worries at home while paying a visit to Manek Ratna and do south Indian imitation jewelry online shopping from our website. We always have something available for our clients from low to high budget.  We only offer you the best market price on our south Indian jewellery. We only offer budget-friendly pieces. So that we can cater to from lower middle class to high-class clientele. We made it our mission to give tough competition to south Indian jewellery wholesale market prices and that help us to extend our reach worldwide and make us the best south Indian jewellery manufacturer and seller in India.

Best Online Shopping Experience

People are wary to purchase jewelry from online stores. But we can assure you Manek Ratna offers the best south Indian jewelry online shopping experience. You can take your pick from our website or download our app to enhance the online jewelry shopping experience and all the details will be made available to you. We deliver what we exhibit on our website and app. There is no editing to make our jewelry look more appealing. We only thrive on our customer’s trust and don’t play around and deceive anyone. We protect all the details that you provide us such as your address and number and card details. We have several payment options available on our website so you can pay through a medium per your convenience.

Customer Care Service

Our job is not finished right after delivery of your product. If you have received a faulty piece and are not satisfied with our south Indian jewellery. It is pretty much easy all you have to do is reach out to our customer care services to help you out and answer your questions. We are always available at your service and clear your doubts regarding every matter related to our jewelry. We believe in creating a long-lasting bond with our customers and we make it happen by staying at the top of our game. We leave no room for mistakes to shake your trust and belief in us. 

Doorstep Service

After ordering your favorite best south Indian jewellery online from our official app or website you can unwind and leave everything in our trustworthy hands. It is our job to make seamless doorstep delivery. When we have the ordered products in stock then we will ship your jewelry in 3 to 4 working days. However, when we run out of stock it takes us 20 to 25 days to manufacture and deliver the products to you. We ensure that we can make fast delivery so you can get your favorite jewelry on time. Since we are a manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of south Indian jewelry. We make it our mission to deliver and ship your product as soon as possible. It is next to impossible to receive a damaged product when we deliver your precious jewelry inside a premium package to protect it from any harm.

Trendy Jewels

During festivals, a woman is always on the lookout for jewelry that can help them bring closure to God and set a mood for the festivities. Manek Ratna South Indian temple jewelry collection offers them their dream jewelry without spending big. We have different trendy collections and designs available in temple jewelry. If you want a goddess Laxmi pendant or necklace or even lord Ganesha, Shiva, and Krishna. You will be amazed to see engraved pictures of these deities inside your jewelry. It will make you feel close to your traditional roots and your god. Make your Holi, Diwali, Onam, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Navratri more special with our beautiful south Indian temple jewelry collection.

Multi-Purpose Jewelry

In the south, it is common that every bride wants to wear south Indian bridal jewelry sets. But as the popularity of south Indian temple jewelry is spreading even in the north, brides want to adorn themselves with a beautiful south jewelry collection and approach a unique bridal look with a mixture of north and south.

South Indian temple jewellery is perfect for new brides and it will work like a charm with their ethnic and traditional look. Even today big brand fashion wants to mix the modern and antique and create a wholesome look while presenting their models and that’s why you can see lots of models wearing temple jewelry not only with the ethnic wear but also with the western wear as well. Mixing and matching will work in your favor and you will fall in love with your final look.

Different Category of South Indian Jewellery Collection

Jewelry is not limited to pendants and earrings. There are varieties of different jewelry collections made available to you at Manek Ratna that are handmade and we paid a lot of attention to detail in every single piece. You can explore our website and see a beautiful collection of south Indian necklace sets, earrings, finger rings, Kada, bracelets, mangalsutra, pendant, maang tikka, etc. We even have an extraordinary stone-embedded jewelry collection for special occasions.

Imitation South Indian Temple Necklace Set

If you are looking for a basic necklace set to wear at a festival and to attend a party. Our simple yet beautiful intricately designed necklace set is available paired up with matching earrings. We have a wide variety of statement necklace collections available of south Indian wedding jewellery sets with prices that are cost-effective and pocket-friendly. If you visit our designer collection page you are going to find numerous heavy designer bridal jewelry sets. A wedding season seems incomplete without a beautiful temple south Indian jewellery set that will grace your neck and ears.

Temple Earrings

If you are not a big fan of a necklace or even a lightweight pendant. But still want to wear some sort of jewelry to change your overall look without overpowering your appearance. Therefore, you should unquestionably check out our earrings collection. For a party and wedding go with Jumkas and dangle earrings that can be paired with both ethnic and western dresses. The jhumka has intricate designs of different gods and goddesses. You can find them mostly in gold polishing and even in oxidized silver plating. For regular use go with our simple and lightweight studs and choose stone and gems embedded earrings to achieve a more dramatic traditional Rajasthani look.

Bangle Designs

Married women love wearing Kada and if you want to replace your glass bangles with a metal Kada. You can take a peek at our Kada collection. South Indian Temple jewellery Kada’s are made for every occasion. With its being made from metal you don’t have to worry about breaking it while doing everyday chores. It makes the perfect gift for your mom or even your wife. Specially designed to go with Indian outfits, these sure enhance every Indian woman’s beauty.

Maang Tikka Online for South Bride

If you are attending a wedding your traditional look is going to look incomplete without this maang tikka from the south Indian jewellery collection. Graced with the deities these maang tikkas are perfect for the pooja or festival.

South Style Mangalsutra Beautiful Collection

Why should one purchase a boring mangalsutra when the south Indian jewelry mangalsutra collection is the perfect way to keep your god closer to you. With this temple jewelry mangalsutra collection, you can easily impress and surprise your wife by gifting this to her.

South Indian Finger Ring Collection

A statement piece for those women who love wearing different types of jewelry. Order different varieties of designs to pair with different outfits every day. It’s time to complete your ring collection with beautiful Manek Ratna south Indian jewellery.

Bracelet for Girls

A young girl prefers a bracelet over Kada any day. Because they are designed while keeping both ethnic and western looks in mind. You can take your pick from our south jewelry collection and never worry about not having something designer piece to wear on a special occasion.

South Indian Jewellery Pendant Sets at Best Prices

Keep it simple and keep it casual with Manek Ratna’s beautiful pendant sets. Easy and light to wear and combined with south Indian temple jewelry design to improve the overall look and matching earrings will bring more charm to your character.

Why is South Indian Jewelry Famous ?

South Indian jewelry is famous for its intricate designs, use of precious metals and stones, and traditional styles that have been passed down for generations. It is known for its beauty and elegance and is commonly used in religious and cultural ceremonies. The region is also famous for its production of gold and diamonds, which adds to the quality and value of the jewelry.

South Indian jewelry has a rich cultural heritage and is steeped in tradition. It is deeply rooted in the region’s history, religion, and daily life. The designs often reflect Hindu mythology, temple architecture, and the natural beauty of the region. Many pieces are handcrafted and made with 22k or 24k gold, making them of high quality and durable. The intricate designs and traditional styles make South Indian jewelry highly sought after, both within India and internationally.

Which Regions In India Adorns South Indian Jewelry ?

South Indian jewelry is traditionally worn by people in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. These states have a rich cultural heritage and a strong tradition of gold and jewelry-making, making them famous for their unique and intricate designs. People in these regions often adorn themselves with South Indian jewelry on special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies.

In addition to being popular in the South Indian states, South Indian jewelry has also gained a global following. Many people around the world admire the beauty and craftsmanship of these pieces and choose to wear them as a symbol of their cultural heritage or as a fashion statement. South Indian jewelry is often passed down from generation to generation and is considered a valuable family heirloom. The styles and designs have remained relatively unchanged over time, making South Indian jewelry a timeless symbol of the region’s rich cultural history.

Conclusion:-  You can never take apart India and jewelry. Both of these have a deep-rooted connection in our lives. We cannot even deny it. Embracing the cultural heritage such as south jewellery as a part of us. Manek Ratna manufactured this entire range of south jewelry. These are affordable jewelry pieces since buying real gold is never that easy.

Why should you spend a hefty amount of money on something when you can easily find the alternative option in these imitated jewelry pieces?

As a wholesaler and exporter of south Indian jewelry, Manek Ratna is seriously considerate towards customers and their emotions. We are not only delivering jewelry in a way we want to help our customers to put a smile on someone’s face by gifting our south Indian jewelry. Helping a woman turn into a stunning bride by donning or bridal jewelry collection. We are helping them create memories. Our mission is to bring happiness to our customers’ lives.

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