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Kasu Mala Designs !!! A Traditional South Jewelry for Women


Kasu Mala DesignsKasu Mala Designs


Introduction : Kasu mala also known as Kasu malai is a massive part of South Indian jewelry culture making it women’s favorite necklace piece to wear. Originally generated in southern India. Specifically, in Andhra Pradesh. People also refer to kasu mala as KasulaPeru, a word taken from the Telugu language. Kasu malai is linked to Goddess Laxmi since it was her favorite jewel and even Bharatnatyam dancer wears it while performing. Kasu mala is an assortment of interlinked and nearly knitted gold coins with god and goddess pictures engraved on them. To find out more details about kasumalai continue browsing our website.

Why Choose Manek Ratna to Purchase Kasu Mala?

If you are tired and hate having limited options in your life and would like to explore a variety of kasu mala manufacturer designs. Therefore, you have certainly come to the right place. No more boundaries when Manek Ratna is here to serve you and offer you their various designs of kasu malai. Making it hard to resist and pick one out for yourself. You won’t leave our website unsatisfied. We give you jewelry that helps you create beautiful memories. Whenever you look back there will be nothing but fondness etched in your recollection.

Are you looking to purchase Kasu Mala New Designs ? If yes, then there is no better option then manekratna.com . At Manek Ratna they keep experimenting with Kasu Mala Designs keeping in mind the trend of traditional South Indian Jewellery. Brides are always searching for Kasu Mala New Designs in Gold, this is where Manek Ratna excels by providing them Artificial Kasu Mala Designs with weight & price.

The Karigars at Manek Ratna are creative and always have a different approach while designing Costume Jewellery and so are their Kasu Mala New Designs, very different & unique. This time the theme is simple traditional kasu mala designs . Todays teen wants to wear traditional kasu mala designs with modern fusion touch.

Kasu Mala Designs for Auspicious Occasions

Women’s wedding day is a life-changing event. A vow to enter the sacred union where two people enter and promise to stand by each other through good or bad.  When the traditional ceremony is commenced a religious person may want their god near to calm their nerves and take their vows in god presence.  There is no better way to do it than when you are going to make a purchase and choose one out of multiple designs available of Lakshmi kasu mala at Manek Ratna. A small touch of modern and old traditional kasu mala designs that we offer will certainly leave you speechless.

Kasu Mala Set Designs

Kasu mala sets make perfect wedding jewelry or gifts. On our website, you can purchase not only traditional kasu mala. But we also have options available in modern kasumalai designs as well. You can buy our gorgeous yet traditional standing Laxmi Ji coin base necklace set that arrives with a matching pair of earrings and is available in a variety of colors. However, we understand the modern-day women’s needs as well who can try out our regular long chain gold coin necklace set available with a matching pair of dangling flower earrings.  No need to visit from shop to shop and waste time. When you can find a perfect kasu mala at Manek Ratna online store.

Exclusive & Trendy Kasu Mala Design

Whenever you are tired and bored with the old collection. You always are on the lookout for the trendy exclusive designer jewels. Manek Ratna has a separate section for exclusive designer kasu mala necklace designs available at their online store. Offering exclusivity from time to time is a way for us to ensure that whenever you reach out to us with the demand for trendy jewelry we always have something ready to offer our consumers. You may have to pay a little extra for designer exclusive kasu mala design. Regardless, that necklace will be worth every single penny that you are spending on it. Manek Ratna jewelry is cost-effective, even the exclusive piece that will make you come back to use our services.

What Makes Manak Ratna a Perfect Online Story to Purchase Kasu Mala?

Unlimited Options

Would you prefer a local store that can only offer you four to five kasu mala designs or an online store like Manek Ratna where you get to explore the vast range of stunning jewelry offered by us? Since we focus on every small detail makes it easier for us to provide you with extraordinary designs. Unlike local stores, we never try to hide our exclusive collection. We form a transparent relationship with our customers and therefore on our website. You can find from old to the exclusive designer range at Manek Ratna online store.

From low to high budgeted customers. We always have something to offer you. A customer looking for cost-friendly artificial kasu mala designs online will be ecstatic to learn that we have a product that will not only meet their needs and wants but their budget expectations as well. To get the best online jewelry shopping experience choose Manek Ratna. We put our best efforts while serving every single one of our consumers.

Reputed Online Kasu Malai Wholesaler & Exporters

Reputation is what makes a person and store. From the beginning, we did our best to win over our customer’s trust and that led us on our journey to winning over their trust and helping them put their faith in our services.  This leads down to the final road where we build a solid foundation of trust and reputation among our customers. We didn’t make it this far by faking and fooling anyone. We believe in originality and quality and the rest will fall into place when these two most important things are incorporated together.

Expenses are never an issue and we are not afraid to spend a little to hire the best of the best jewelry experts that can create designer masterpieces. Our handcrafted kasu mala coin necklace speaks for itself. The gold finish polishing will make it hard to tell the difference between the original or the artificial kasu mala. Our kasu mala necklace will never lose its charm even after a long time.

Pocket-Friendly Kasu Mala Designs

Money is one of our main concerns when we purchase any products. The same can be said about jewelry like kasu mala. At Manek Ratna, you are getting a wide variety of kasu mala designs that fall into the category of cost-friendly. Manek Ratna is the primary manufacturer of jewelry and works in the industry. We are not only exporters of artificial kasu mala design online but we are the primary online wholesaler.

We guarantee to offer you the best price that meets your budget requirement. You don’t have to belong to a rich class to afford our jewelry. Buying jewelry in bulk direct from the manufacturing wholesaler will help you save a decent amount of money. It is beneficial in case you want to sell imitation kasu mala with a variety of designs in your shop. Best Quality and market price are what make Manek Ratna attractive to customers all over India services and expand our reach among our favorite customers.

Effortless Online Shopping & Best Explorer

While shopping from a local store you never get to see the full description or someone who explains it to you briefly. The benefits of doing online shopping from us will benefit you immensely. You get to find out about small details. What is kasu mala made of, what polishing we have used, etc? You can easily use the zoom in and out to see the pictures closely.  We only share the original picture without editing so in a way you are getting what you will see on our website. We don’t believe in fooling our customers by deceiving them. On our website for our customer’s ease, we offer multiple payment options so you don’t face any inconvenience while making the payment and we promise confidentiality and never share your bank details with anyone.

Manek Ratna Customer Care Services

It’s not unusual that after receiving the items customers may not be satisfied with the kasulaperu latest designs or some manufacturing and shipping default can damage the jewelry when it finally reaches you. Well, if you are stuck in a similar situation there is no need to panic. We do have a return policy available on the website. In unfavorable conditions, you can easily reach out to our customer care service and ask for their guidance on how to return the jewelry. You can follow their instructions and then someone from the courier company will be sent over to pick up the package. Once the return procedure is complete you will be fully compensated within 3 to 4 business days.

Manek Ratna Doorstep Delivery Service

Once you select your favorite traditional kasu mala designs and then place your order. It will be our job to make your order our priority and ship your jewelry package within two to three working days. So you can get online doorstep delivery within the promised timeline and flaunt your kasu mala on the special occasion that you have ordered your jewelry. With this tough time staying over our heads like darkened clouds. The delivery guy will take all the safety measures to respect your space and maintain an approval distance.

Art of Kasulaperu

Jewelry is always referred to as a delicate piece of art that should be handled with care and love while our expert craftsmen work on it. Kasu mala not only presents south India. It also represents our devotion and love for the deities who protect us from evil. Our mindfully crafted unique piece of kasulaperu latest designs is certainly worth giving a try. With different deities, God Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi engraved on these kasu mala necklace coins. After seeing them in person you will be left breathless and

speechless. These intricately designed interlinked gold coin necklaces bring more class and elegance to your style. You are always in for a treat when you order our traditional kasulaperu designs.

Light Weight Kasu Mala Designs

Whoever said that a traditional kasu mala cannot be light in weight. They must check our lightweight kasu mala designs. Which is easy to carry and feels like a pendant while you wear them. Instead of proper heavy traditional jewelry. These lightweight kasu mala with a long chain-like design and encircled by gold coins with Goddess Lakshmi engraved on top of it and with a light pair of earrings is something that a modern-day woman can easily wear not only for festivals but also on their wedding day.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Kasu Mala (FAQ)

1. What is KasuMalai (Kasu Mala)?

A traditional south Indian jewelry that usually every south Indian woman gets especially for their wedding day. Manufactured from small size gold coins that are interlinked and overlap each other.

2. What Exactly Does Kasu Mala Mean?

Both of these words are taken from the Telugu Language. Where the meaning of Kasu is Coin and mala stands for a necklace. It is also most commonly referred to as kasulaperu.

3. How Many Coins Are Used in The Making of Kasu Mala?

There is no exact number that we can quote in the making of kasu malai. Coins quantity completely depends upon the Kasu Mala design and its requirements. At Manek Ratna, we have kasu mala available with only a limited number of coins in the necklace. Where a choker necklace can have more than 100 coins in it.

4. Why does Kasu Mala Usually Have Goddess Lakshmi’s Picture Engraved on Top of it?

Kasu Mala is known for being the goddess Lakshmi’s favorite jewelry piece. Since it is traditional gold jewelry and the auspicious meaning behind the necklace makes it sacred jewelry of all time.

5. What Types of Kasu Mala Designs Are Available on the Manek Ratna Website?

At Manek Ratna, we have a wide range of kasu mala designs available that help us cater to our different clients. Over here you can find a complete Kasu mala set with a matching pair of earrings. Also, we have a choker and long chain-like designs of necklaces in kasu mala. From lightweight to heavyweight kasumalai for traditional and modern-day women.

Buying imitation kasu mala for your dance performance or your wedding day. We must ensure that your special day remains special. With the help of glamorous traditional kasulaperu designs that will compliment your outfit of the day. Manek Ratna always pays attention to smaller details and the quality. As an Indian jewelry manufacturer, we are only creating a piece of art to grace your neck and it will be durable for a long time.

Kasu Mala Designs is the essence of South India. It is one of the most Authentic variant of Traditional South Indian Jewellery manufactured and supplied worldwide in wholesale from financial hub of India i.e Mumbai.

Kasu Mala Designs Variants

Kasu Mala also known as Coin Necklace sets in local Mumbai Language is made up of different metals like Gold, Silver, Brass & Zinc.

In Imitation Kasu Mala is made of Brass / Copper & is an exact look alike of fine jewelry Kasu Mala Designs.

We manufacture Kasu Mala in short & long size, the long ones are also called as Kasu Haram. These are most suitable for tall womens wearing a saree costume.

If you are looking for simple kasu mala designs sober in taste then, the single line kasu haram is the most suitable kasu design and if you want to load the costume then Double Line Kasu Mala should be your choice.

Why go for traditional kasu mala designs for your occasions ?

Traditional Kasu Mala Designs are always authentic and evergreen, you can pair it with your traditional outfit or the modern costume all looks beautiful.

What are different names of Kasu Mala ?

Kasu Mala has different names in different Indian States some call it Kasu Mala Designs or Kaasu Malai Designs or Kasumalai or Kasulaperu .

Where to buy Lakshmi Kasu Necklace ?

Best place to buy Kasu Mala Necklace and Designs would be at manekratna.com , best quality, best price and unique designs is the USP here.

How is Kasu Mala Designs Made ?

Kasu mala designs are traditional Indian jewelry that are typically made from small Gold Coins / Copper & Brass Coins strung together on a string or chain. The coins, also known as kasu, are typically made from 22-karat gold and now in artificial metal that are strung together by hand using a strong thread or wire.

The coins are often adorned with intricate designs and may feature religious symbols or motifs. The mala is then completed with a pendant or tassel. The end product can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet.

Who Wears Kasu Mala Designs ?

Kasu mala designs are traditionally worn by Indian women, and are often given as gifts for special occasions such as weddings, baby showers, and religious ceremonies.

They are also worn by Hindu deities in temples. Kasu Mala is considered auspicious and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the wearer. They are also popular among people who follow Hinduism as they are believed to have spiritual significance.

These days, it is worn by people all over the world, who are fascinated by Indian culture and tradition.


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